Farewell party (2017.03.22)

We had a farewell party for students who will graduate from our laboratory..

We are hoping for your success in the future!

End of the year party(2016.12.21)

We had a End of the year party with the concrete lab.

A bingo game was held and many people won spendid prizes!

Thank you everyone for participating.

Have a happy holiday, and see you next year!

Okamura cup

We participated in a softball game with the memers of concrete lab..

The 4th graders played a big role in the games..

Unfortunately, we couldn't proceed to the final league, but thank you everyone for participating!

Welcome Party with Concrete Lab(2016/10/14)

We had a Welcome Party for new Lab members.

8 newcomers including Bachelor and Master students joined..

Please have fun at Bridge Lab!!

Farewell Party with Concrete Lab(2016/09/15)

We had a Farewell Party for Lab members who will graduate this September.

4 master students, and 2 doctor students will graduate from Bridge Lab.

I hope all of your great success in the future!

Lab Trip to Choshi(2016/08/06,07)

We visited Choshi, Chiba Pref. this year.

We enjoyed a lot visiting Offshore Wind Turbines, Choshi Bridge, Sapporo Beer Factory and Sawara City which is deeply related to Tadataka Ino who made first Japan map.

Welcome Party with Concrete Lab.(2016/06/13)

We had wonderful Welcome Party with many participants.

6 newcomers including Bachelor, Master students and a Researcher joined.

Please spend good time in Bridge Lab!

Welcome BBQ with Concrete Lab(2016/06/04)

We had BBQ in Ryogoku for welcomeing newcomers in our Lab.

Watanabe sensei, who was once a teacher in our university, also came to the BBQ and we enjoyed talking with him a lot. Thank you for coming!

Farewell Party (2016/3/23)

We held a Farewell Party for graduating Lab members.

6 Lab members received a bachelor or master degree this year.

We're hoping for your success in the future!

Year-End Party (2015/12/22)

2015 Year-end Party was held on Dec. 22.

We enjoyed a little gorgeous meals, surprise movie and Quiz!

We forgot bad in 2015 and hoped good in 2016!

Advance to the semifinal of Okamura Cup (2015/11/05)

We advanced to the semifinal of Okamura Cup this year.

The game was against Coastal Lab and we lost 14-6.

Thanks to everyone who made the time to join the game!

Welcome Party with Concrete Lab. (2015/10/22)

We held Welcome Party on October 22ed with Concrete Lab.

It was very enjoyable party thanks to a lot of participants.

6 students is coming to our Bridge and Structure Lab. We're really looking forward to studying with you!

Lab Trip (2015/9/27,28)

We went on a Lab trip on September 27th and 28th. We visited Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park on the first day, and on the second day Hakone Seiroku-Mishima Othurihashi which would open on November 2015.

Farewell Party (2015/3/27)

We held a farewell party with Concrete Lab on March, 27th.

In Bridge & Structure Lab, 11 students recieved a bacelor, master or doctoral degree this year. Congratulations on your graduation!

Year-End Party (2014/12/18)

We held a year-end party with Concrete Lab on Dec,18th.
This year we enjoyed gorgeous dishes and quiz games.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year!

Site tour to Kimitsu works, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal(2014/12/05)

We visited Kimitsu works, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal (NSSMC) on December 5th. Through the specific introduction and close watching of steel making process, a lot of valuable experiences have been accumulated. We appreciate all the works from NSSMC staffs for this visit.

Welcome Party(2014/10/15)

We held welcome party with the Concrete Lab. We had 7 newcomers in this semister.

Lab Trip (2014/9/28,29)

We went on a Lab trip on September 28th and 29th. We visited Hakone on the first day and the construction site of an expressway viaduct on the second day.

Inspection of Yokohama-Bay bridge(12/11/08)

We went to Yokohama-Bay bridge for inspection.

Bridge Lab party in Sapporo (10/09/02)

We enjoyed a Bridge Lab party held in Sapporo (Hokkaido), at the occasion of the JSCE annual conference. Formers members of the lab could joined.

Henrik, Charles and Elsa's farewell party (10/08/22)

coffee break - 01.jpg

We held a farewell party for Henrik, Charles and Elsa, international students from Danemark, United States and Sweden respectively.

To see the pictures, it's here .

Lab Trip near Hamamatsu (10/05/15)

On the week end of May 14th and May 15th, we went to Shizuoka prefecture (between Tokyo and Nagoya), during a lab trip. We enjoyed many activities such as picking tea leaves in a traditional tea garden, tasting local dishes, sleeping in a japanese traditional hotel (ryokan).

We also visited the construction site of an expressway bridge (Sanenn Nanshin expressway) and Hamamatsu wind power house.

Lab trip (09/07/25,26)

We went to Kurobe dam on 25th ,26th in July.
Though the weather was not good, we have a nice trip and made joyful memories.
Photo ishere♪ .

Lab trip to Haneda Airport (09/06/25)

We visited the Tokyo International Airport Runway D Exterior Construction site. [photos]

Prof. Fujino and 6 members participated in EASEC-11(08/Nov/25)

Prof. Fujino and 6 members participated in EASEC-11(The Eleventh East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction) in Taipei. Many people from East Asia and all over the world delivered presentations and had discussions in the conference where Prof. Fujino is a chair man. We met Prof. Adam from Innsbruck University and Prof. Nam, who is a alumnus of Bridge & Structure Labratory.
coffee break - 01.jpg

coffee break - 01.jpg

Seminar by Laurent Ney (08/11/12)

We had a seminar entitled "Freedom of form finding" by Laurent Ney, a structural engineer and CEO of Ney and Partners. He gave a talk on his very interesting projects in civil engineering fields with showing his ideas to find good forms of structures. [photos]

Lab trip (08/07/27)

We visited the Hasaki wind farm and Choshi Ohashi in the Oarai-cho in Ibaraki Prefecture this year for the purpose of making good relationship with new comer (Undergraduate student) and studying structures. ) . The photograph is new Choshi Ohashi under construction now. All taken pictures areHERE☁E/a>

On June 14th 2006,the lab trip to the Yagara Bridge (07/05/21)

We are planning a tour to watch the Yagara Bridge on 2007/06/14. Please click
here[pdf] to confirm the detailsEE/a>

Activity (06/11/22)

On December 6th 2006, a group of people who attended the "Asia-Pacific Workshop on SHM" went for a study tour in our university. Click on the small picture below for larger version.

coffee break - 01.jpg

Lab trip (06/06/19)

This summer our laboratory went to Unenomura at Gunma prefecture. We visited places such as limestone cave Fujidou, electric power plan Kannagawa. This picture shows the cable bridge named Skybridge. The full pictures are here (still being updated).

US-Japan Workshop on Sensors, Smart Structures and Mechatronic Systems (05/11/22)

US-Japan Workshop on Sensors, Smart Structures and Mechatronic Systems in UT-Tokyo [photos]

Inspection of Nippori-Toneri Line (05/07/01)


Seminar (05/06/26)

We have some Seminers. We use English Book for seminer to noto only improve our specialty but English.


landscape painting class (05/06/18)

Our laboratory have a class of landscape painting. We invite teacher of college of arts.